Rock River Flooding

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Flooding along the Rock River has become more and more severe in recent years. Flooding along the river is expected, but the frequency and amount of flooding has become a hazard to the whole region. To address a problem like this, we need to be incredibly proactive. That’s why I want to do the following:

  • Fund Prevention: I would have my office work with local governments on securing FEMA grants and other aid for the purposes of constructing flood control infrastructure. Examples of this are levees, self-closing barriers, and containment pools. 
  • Collaborate: I also want to reach out to representatives and other officials in Wisconsin to see if we can work together to better manage the flooding. Through a joint partnership we might be able to figure out a better way to manage the flooding then we can on our own.
  • Help You: In the short term, I want to reach out to affected residents to hear how flooding is impacting them personally. Through a strong community dialogue we should be able to identify short term measures to relieve the burden of flooding while we work toward a permanent solution.