Government Accountability

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In my work as a defense attorney I have two primary responsibilities: make sure my clients are given a fair trial, and hold the government accountable if the trial is not fair. I think the job of State Representative is similar: make sure that 68th District residents are being treated fairly and well by the state, and to hold the state accountable when it’s not treating our community the way it should be treated. To that end, I have the following proposals:

  • Attack Corruption: I want to reform the way lobbying is conducted in Illinois. The thin line between lobbying and legislating is too often a source of scandal in Springfield, and does nothing except harm public confidence in our government. I want to prohibit legislators from simultaneously being lobbyists, make it a rule that former legislators have to wait 5 years before they can become lobbyists, and strengthen disclosure rules for lobbyists. These are all steps toward being more ethical, accountable, and trustworthy in the eyes of Illinois residents.
  • Always be there when you need me: I want to have a community centered approach to constituent services. My staff and I will be visible in our community in a way that the Rockford area hasn’t seen in a long time. Beyond just having a district office, I want to be present at Neighborhood Association meetings, block parties, and other community events so that I am always learning about the issues my neighbors are facing. I want as many people as possible to know how to contact me or my staff so that we can help them.